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As a lady golfer it’s absolutely crucial to learn how to hinge your wrist correctly during your golf swing. See many lady golfers are struggling with this and I think it’s purely because we physically aren't the strongest man in our fore arms. We find it more difficult to hinge the wrist and what tends to happen is that rather than hinging the wrist most lady golfers tend to lift the club up with their arms and then they get to the top of the swing, they start to try and hinge the club over and the force of the club hinging and sweeping over the top of your force is this left arm to buckle. So it becomes very very difficult to keep your left arm straight if you are not hinging your wrist correctly during your back swing. So crucially for lady golfers work on this because it’s going to help you strike the ball better but because you are going to be able to keep that left arm straight or more extended stand and you are going to get a lot more distance and a lot more consistency to your ball striking.

So let’s have a look at how to correctly hinge your wrist during your golf swing so from your start position, nice balance good stable base we are going to start to move the club away from the ball on your take away on the initial movement away by pushing from the left shoulder, by turning the turning the left shoulder, so it pushes the left arm away. Once your hands have moved past your right thigh and you are still in the straight line position with your left arm and the club, once your hands get to just past your right thigh, you want to start to hinge your wrist so the shaft of the club now becomes horizontal to the floor. So this is the correct position to be in on your take away the club head is as high as your hands if not slightly higher okay, and looking this way on still a lot we are on a straight line so from the left shoulder, all the way down the arm and still in to the club head it’s still a straight line but from this way on we’ve lost the straight line because we are starting to hinge at the wrist.

By the time you get up to chest high, you should now be in an L-shape look or a 90 degree angle look between the left arm and the shaft of the golf club. So the wrist is now set and correctly hinged and then turn to the top of the swing with your shoulders and you’ll be able to keep your left arm extended and you’ve still got that 90 degree angle. We are going to pull that angle back down as we come back in to the ball, we are keeping this angle and then we are going to unhinge as we strike the golf ball. As you go through, we are going to keep that straight line again as you go through and then as we start to approach waist high, once the hands have just gone past the left thigh again we are going to hinge the wrist on the follow through so the club head should be just above the hands and looking horizontal with the shaft to the floor. And this way on again we are looking in a straight line from the right shoulder down the right arm and in to the club head with the club head covering the hands.

So it’s a mirror image of that back swing, so we’ve started to hinge on the follow through, we keep hinging and again in to the follow through position. So now we’ve released all the power we’ve got maximum club head speed to the ball and you should find that you start to strike and hit the ball a lot further.