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Video Transcript

So in terms of now starting to hit the ball the non-full distance, we’ve still got to understand what distance that is. It's quite easy to measure my full pitch, I can stand here with 10 balls, hit the 10 shots as hard as I can, measure the averages. But I actually went on hitting non-full distances I’ve got to get a real good feel for how far I’m hitting the shot so that it's a useful technique out on the golf course. Because if I have a 100-yard shot and on the next hole I’ve got a 90-yard short or an 80-yard short, I want to be able to dial my swing in so I can change the distances of each of those shots. So what I’d encourage you to do is go to the driving range, maybe take 5 or 10 golf balls to one side and pick a load of targets that you can measure and that aren’t full distances. So maybe bring it back by 10 yards; pick another target back by 10 yards, pick another target. And then practice hitting to those different distances. And you can do them in order so you go longer, back by 10 yards, back by 10 yards to shorter. But you can then also do a random test where you go short one to long one to the middle one to short one to long one and you just mix it up a little bit. I think as a golfer that sort of random practice really helps us understand how our golf swing might work to hit the non-full distances.

So my first target here, I’ve got a target that is about 50 yards away. I’m going to be quite narrow, quite a long way down the club, quite a long way onto my left side, I take a relatively short backswing and accelerate through and I’m able to hit it into my bucket, which was 50 yards away. For my next shot, I’m going to pick a bucket just a little bit further out. It’s about 75 yards away. So I have a slightly wider stance and a slightly fuller grip and a slightly therefore longer and committed swing. And each time I pick out a different target, I’m going to have to feel how my golf swing can react, how my golf swing can be different, how my golf swing can be different from my setup position so I can stand differently, I can hold the golf club differently, I can bring the club back differently as well. But each time I want to feel like I’m committed to every single shot. It's not a case of making the same backswing and then half hitting one with the same backswing and fully hitting one. The backswing will change, the setup will change, the followthrough will change, but my commitment level to each shot should still stay the same. That's how I can use my clubs in my practice session to vary the distance of my non-full shots.