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Video Transcript

So if you're a golfer that doesn't feel like you use your big muscles enough, you feel like your golf swing is all about using your little muscles, the smaller parts of your body a bit too much. Let's look at the reasons why your golf swing might suffer because of using those small muscles. I’ve got my driver setting up to a golf ball here, and I'm going to make the classic small muscle takeaway. So I am standing to the golf ball here and we see this happen. We see the golfer just swing the club back purely with the hands and their arms and, to get the club way inside on the backswing. This is quite a fault because the hands did too much work initially, and the body wasn't involved enough in that part. The next change we would see is a golfer that probably swings the golf club bit too long.

So we get the hands using too much in the backswing. Then the hands keep getting used too much and we get very long at the top. So a golfer that has too much of the hand action at the top can get a bit flicky. So if this angle, we flick the hands away in the back swing, flick to the top and the golfer gets very long in this position. The next section we're going to look at is an over the top position, an over the top transition. So a golfer that flips it in here, lift it too long here might be guilty of then casting the club from the top. So they throw the club out over the top and again using the hands, you can see my body not really being used. It’s just casting and throwing with the golf club from the top. So it’s three faults already from the smaller muscles, the things that can make mistakes. The smaller muscle were not giving it back to the big muscles.

And the last one is actually going right down to the bottom to our feet. And we see how our feet can sometimes be a bit over-active in the downswing. When the big muscles are working well the legs are going to squat. We're going to be anchored to the floor and turn through. A golfer that’s using the little muscles is going to get to the bottom, and maybe give it a bit of a jump to get a little bit up on the tiptoes effectively in the downswing. So flicking with the hands and jumping with the feet as well. And because they don't have a stable base they don't have enough of a sort of a solid platform that the legs can work into.

So we want to make sure that in your golf swing you're avoiding using the little muscles that get it flat, swing it long, cast it over the top and then jump will actually give your body a much better chance to activate and use the bigger muscles to make a more consistent and more powerful golf swing.