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Is my posture important during my golf swing? Well the simple answer to this question is yes absolutely. Your posture is absolutely key and vital to setting a good swing and a good angle that the club is going to move around you at. So it's really important that you setup correctly and with the correct posture before you actually make your golf swing. So let's look at what posture means and posture simply means the tilt of your spine and the angle that you create with your spine, and what you are looking to do is keep your spine completely flat from the back of your head through your shoulders and down to your hips. You want to tilt forward from the hips so you create a nice straight line from the back of the head all the way down the spine to the hips. And this will; allow the arms to dangle freely under the shoulders, and from here you can make a really good golf swing.

So if you want to know if you are in the right position with your spine angle here is a really good tip just take an alignment pole and just place it down the back of your shirt. Just so that as it comes down the shirt you are able to tuck into the top of your trousers or your belt as so, okay. Now this has got you standing upright, you can feel your head on the pole the back of your shoulders and your hips. From here you want to tilt forward keeping that position so that the back the head the hips are all in a straight line and then just tilt forward enough to let the arms dangle under the shoulders. If you are too upright with your posture and there is not enough tilt forward the effect will be that you’ll really became quite armsy with your golf swing so you will tend to pick the club up quite steeply and you won't rotate your shoulders enough. And that’s going to affect your shots because if you are rotating your shoulders you are not going to hit the ball with full power and as far as you could, and also the club head is going to drop down very vertically onto that golf ball and you are going to hit the top of the golf ball.

Similar if you bend over too far you are now going to swing the club too low around you, you won't be able to get enough height into the golf club so you will swing very flat and as you swing back in you are going to tend to hit the ground a little bit too early hitting flat shots or you will skim over the ground and catch the ball on your upswing and end up thinning the shots. So really important when you do this drill that you stand upright the pole is pointing vertically up and that you tilt it forward just so that the arms dangle loosely under the shoulders, and that’s the correct position to be in for you golf posture. Try that drill and see if your posture is correct and you should find that you are hitting much better golf shots.