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Here is a cracking little tip that I'd like to see most golfers do at the end of each practicing session, it's quite fun to do this as well. What I'm going to advocate is at the end of every practice session that you ever have you hit five shots left handed but with your right handed set of golf clubs that’s if you're a right handed player and obviously reverse that if you're a left handed player. Now the purpose of this [Inaudible] [0:00:31] good form but it's also good for the times on the golf course when you may get stuck behind something that only let's you play a shot left handed. So for example if this wall behind me was a tree or a hedge and I couldn’t back into it and I couldn’t play my shot this way round, what I could do is flip my golf club upside down so now it looks like a left handed golf club just a shaft to the top rather than the bottom.

I could then walk into the wall and I could play my left handed shot out. Now these situations they rise probably more than you expect but because not many golfers are confident hitting left handed shots they look at something like that and they think you know what? I'm not going to bother, I’m just going to take a penalty drop and they’ve lost the potential distance that they might get on their shots. Now the preferred club for a shot like this is one of your wedges. One of your wedges actually has a bigger head at this end rather than something like a three or four iron that has a much skinnier head.

And what I would also suggest here is actually grip it correctly for a left hander. So don’t use your right handed grip and then try and turn it and hit cross handed. Actually change your hands over, imagine you were left handed and how your grip might look. Then have a couple of practice swings just trying to skim the turf and then go ahead and hit a shot. Now I apologize I'm going to turn my back on you for a second here, I'm going to try and hit one out there. I'm also going to be quite honest with you and tell you exactly how far this goes. It's not going to be the world's greatest golf shot, it won't even be the world's greatest swing but it may shift me out of trouble on occasions.

That’s still in the air, still in the air, landed 65 yards away and it went in the air so if there was a bunker or a hazard in the way. That would have worked, it would have got me out of my tight and tricky situation and shift it down there. And you would only get good at doing that by just a little bit of practice, it doesn't take much just five or 10 balls at each practice session and you'll amaze your friends next time you get stuck behind a tree or a hazard you can just turn left handed and chop it out. It won't be the world's greatest golf shot but it's a lot better than taking a penalty drop.