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Are there any key fundamentals that most golf professionals share, when watching golf on TV or if you are lucky enough to get to tournament and one thing you’ll notice it that the top professionals all swing the golf club differently. They move the club back in different ways, they move the club through in different ways, they get their body into different positions, but they all manage to hit very good golf shots. Now so what you will see is most of the fundamental points can be very, very different, however there is probably one aspect of the technique that most golf professionals do get the same and that is the point of impact.

With the irons what you will see with most professionals is that the weight to have transferred a little bit over to the left side, so the weight is moving towards the target, the hips are rotating towards the target which deliver power, and punch into the shot and the hands, are just slightly ahead of the ball at impact. Now these positions here will lead up to one thing which is a slightly descending blow onto the ball with the ion and a very crisp shot.

If you want to move this onto a driver all you need to do is shuffle the feet back, so the driver ball position here inside the left heel. The hips would have turned, the weight is still transferring over but now the hands are set back or level with the ball. And this is because with the drive you don’t want descending blow; you want it to be swept away. Now if you want to practice this key impact position and these fundamentally impact positions as well you can get yourself set into that perfect impact like so. And then actually try and complete a little semi swing returning to this point. So you get set up into this point here swing back slightly and then just try and repeat it at impact. And if you practice hitting lots of those little drills you will be able to drill in some of those key fundamental points that the older professionals share.