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As we should know by now, a lob wedge is a very versatile golf club. So the next shot we are now going to look at with the lob wedge is how we can hit a basic sort of chip shots but with a very lofted club. This might be the type of shot where your green side, you don’t have a great deal of distance to hit the ball, may be only 30 yards, but there is a bunker in the way, we want to go over the bunker, we want to get the ball to stop relatively quickly. So we take the lob wedge, 58 to 64 degrees of loft should be on your lob wedge, you should fly the ball up and get the ball to stop fairly quickly.

And the way we are going to play is slightly different from how you would normally hit a full wedge shot. We are actually going to play the ball a little bit back in the stance towards the right side. We are going to narrow the stance, we are going to grip down on the club, we are going to lean the handle into the left side, and one last little quirky change is that we are going to open the feet slightly. And that might seem a little bit awkward to a golfer who has really never opened their stance. But if we have the ball at the back, we open the feet a little bit, grip down and lean left.

We are now in a position where we can pitch the ball, we can pitch the ball forwards and when that ball comes down it’s really going to stop fairly quickly. But the setup is designed to give me the best quality of strike, the best impact position, and the fact that I’m not actually going to hit the ball too hard. So I grip down, pull back, lean left, hands ahead and strike down on the back of the golf ball, and if that’s not the technique that you are used to using in any of your normal golf shots, learn to practice that one first on the driving range or the chipping green and then develop that out until you feel confident of using that on the golf course. But utilizing that technique is the best advice I can give you to chip the ball with your lob wedge.