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For a lot of golfers their lob wedge, their 60 degree or 64 degree club, is going to be used for hitting short shots around the side of the green, little chip ponds little flop shots. But actually there is a benefit of having a lob wedge in your game, if you can hit it, full power full speed but still keep it under control, you will probably go between 50 and 70 hours depending on the golfer, but certainly when it comes down it will come down from a great height and it will stop very, very quickly on the green. And if you can see use for that on the golf course, let’s go ahead and explain how we can hit this shot nicely. First thing we are going to come to is ball position, we are going to try and play the ball directly from the center of a stance.

You know the stance is not going to be a full, wide stance, certainly not as wide as it would be for driver, so we can narrow the stance slightly and play it down to the middle of the stance. The next thing we are going to do is grip so that the middle portion of the golf club, only when we are chipping and pitching, we might grip a bit lower down on the club. But I am going to suggest for a full swing here, we grip the middle portion of the club, kind of how you do with the normal grip. We are then going to swing completely under control. So the load is just a full hit, this does not need to be a big old driver swing where you might sway it offside or either lose your contact, which is a very controlled backswing and a very aggressive and fast downswing.

One last piece of advice I sometimes see golfers getting into a little bit of a mistake with is they overuse the hands, because they want to see the ball go high up into the air, golfers are quite prone to swooping and flicking with the hands, trying to help the ball up in the air. But actually if you got to lob wedge with 58 or 60 degrees of loft, you really don’t need to help this and scoop this into the air. The club will do all of that for you. So if we go ahead now with a bold middle-of-a-stance, good grip, normal controlled swing and quiet hands, we can fly the ball super high into the sky, takes ages to come down, then it lands but it only goes through round about 70 yards, but if you fly 70, it’s going to bounce and stop on its very first landing, only going to roll about a yard, may be even if the green combinations are right and the golf ball’s right, might even back spin a little bit. And using those techniques there I think that is how you can best hit your full lob wedges.