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Video Transcript

You only have to watch the athletes on the TV playing the golf as Mcllroy bubble walks in and people like that who are driving this ball over 300 yards through the air do understand that golf truly is an athletic pursuit is an athletic sport that we play. A lot of golfers presume, so many golfers who are just beginning the game presume they can just walk up to the golf ball, slouch over it and then produce a nice powerful shot. But we as golfers know that’s completely incorrect. And it’s important we acknowledge that in our address position and make sure we’re addressing the golf ball in a very athletic fashion.

Consider how you would address another type of sport, another athletic sport, so if somebody is going to serve to you in tennis you wouldn’t stand there and hunch your back ready to hit it. You would be in a position where you can move both ways and your body is more open to that athletic action that’s about to come. Likewise playing basketball, you won’t try and shoot a basketball from a hunched over position like this, you would stand, a bit of knee flex, straighten up the back and then shoot the basket that way.

The same thing needs to happen what we’re trying to achieve in a golf swing, that when we take our set up position we need to acknowledge that this an athletic action therefore I need to stand in an athletic position. So, when you’re addressing the golf ball try and make sure you do it in a consistent fashion but also in an athletic fashion every time. So, we could consider how far back from the golf ball we need to stand. We need to be far enough away that we have room to swing the club, but not so far away that we’re reaching.

Good check point there is making sure that the left, the golf ball will drop down just above the left knee landing two inches above the top of the left knee cap, that gives me the correct distance away from the ball. If my legs are locked, I’m not going to be very athletic, if my legs are over bent likewise. So, we flex the knee slightly, that puts me in a nice athletic position. We also need to make sure the back is straight, it’s not upright straight, but likewise it’s not slumped over this position. It’s a nice tilt to the hips, sticking the bum out, inclining the spine and that’s a nice athletic position. Likewise I could return a tennis shot or shoot a basketball from this same position. That then enables me to make a nice powerful athletic swing as well.