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So let's have a look about how you can complete a long and slow takeaway. What I'm going to do is point out some key things in the swing you need to be looking out for and then move onto some drills as well. But what we're going to be looking for first of all in this takeaway is to keep everything connected. If you start to have your hands or your arms or your body move out of sequence that can cause some parts of the takeaway to speed up and get out of sync with everything else. So as you're getting set up, I'm going to use a driver for example here.

But just getting set up with that driver that ball position just inside that left of you, get in a nice strong posture and what I want to be seeing as I take this club away is I want to be seeing my arms remain extended, but my arms being also connected to my body and really driving this takeaway with my upper body using a more of a one piece motion as I go away. The reason for that is I can control the speed of one unit much better than I can control the speed of lots of different units. And if my arms are extended and my body is nice and connected and I move away as one unit, I'm much more able to control the pace of it. So I'm getting set up. What I want to be looking for is on this initial part of the swing, I want to be building a pace gradually.

So I don’t want to be starting at the ball and taking it away super, super fast. I want this part to takeaway here to be moving faster than this part, than this part, than this part. It needs to be a gradual acceleration all throughout this takeaway phase. So just getting in that set up position, yeah and those arms nice and close, suing that one piece moving the body away nice and slowly. Now the pace at which you take it back there is no set by numbers of approach here, there's no kind of timing of what you need to do. If you're a very, very fast pace person generally your takeaway will probably be quicker than someone who's very relaxed. But an easy way to do it is just count it.

If you're very, very concerned if you're going too quick and you really want to try and feel like it's nice and slow, just do a one count on that initial part of the takeaway. So getting set up, getting connected and on the back swing on this takeaway phase just count to one, and by the time you finish saying one you should be at that halfway stage, so set up, one. Now that type of pace as you take it away is more than sufficient. It doesn’t want to be too slow because if it's too slow you'll have to then speed up throughout the rest of the swing and it might feel a little bit unnatural. Just as long as it gets that back swing off to a nice flowing motion, just as long as you have that nice connected feeling you should be off to a pretty good start to that back swing.