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We already spoke about how you can use a great drill to start changing grip pressure to help you give up that little bit of control, but what can we do within the grip? What can we change within the grip to try and take the dominance away from that right hand?

Now, as I already mentioned, if you have a dominant right hand, generally speaking, it will be in a strong position. That means it is going too far beneath the club and it is going to have a tendency to want to flip that club face over. Now, to get these hands unified, to make sure that they are working together, try and get yourself to a point where you are having a neutral golf grip. Now a neutral golf grip will allow the hands to hinge, they will allow the hand to turn and rotate along much more than natural path.

If you take that right hand dominance now you will be gaining control. The only problem is as is always a problem when you change your grip to begin with it will feel very, very strange. But just follow the following process just to try and get yourself a nice neutral grip.

First of all, on the left hand, you want the grip to be running from the base of the little finger until it reaches the middle of the index finger. Once it is in that position, you can wrap that left hand over and you want to be seeing that V created by the thumb and the forefinger pointing up towards the right shoulder.

As you look down you want to be seeing around two and a half knuckles on the left hand. Now I'm seeing a nice neutral position there with my left hand. But it is the right hand that we need to take particular care over when we're placing it on the grip.

So while overlap there you got an interlock and you've also got a 10 fingered grip. So you pop the right hand on in the overlap, the interlock which everyone feels comfortable, but you make sure that the lifeline of the right hand is covering the left thumb.

So as you look down on that grip, you can't see the left thumb and the V created by the thumb and the forefinger here is pointing out towards your right chest there. Now that neutralizes the grip out, but after you've taken this grip, try and use the same grip pressure that we had in the previous drill.

So on a scale of 1 to 10 with the left hand won't be in the lightest, it hasn't been the tightest, with the left hand grip around the three or a four. With the right hand, grip with pressure of about one or two. Keep it very, very light on the grip. If you can manage to do that, you can manage to keep that grip pressure nice and light and with that association you should be able to swing back and through being able to keep the grip nice and relaxed as you do so.