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So the game we're going to play now it's called flop shot put the brakes on. We're going to try and hit flop shots like we're in a real world situation. We've got a bunker right in front of us here. We've got a tight pin and we've got actually a bunker at the back of this screen as well, but I've even put an extra white cane in there behind the flag to shorten the distance I want to get this ball to stop in and is literally the name of the game to try and get the ball up in the air as quickly as possible and get the brakes on as fast as possible as well. So I've got my lob wedge. You've got the face wide open. I'm going to slide the club underneath the ball. I want to try and get this ball in the air and stopping quickly.

Now I'm not making excuses for myself, but this is downwind and there is a down slope behind this bunker so it's not going to be the easiest shot in the world but we will give him a little try. We'll flirt it up in the air and see whether we can stop it quickly. It's high and it's stopping. Yeah that will do. It's rolled down quite nicely. Will do it one more time try and prove it wasn't a fluky one. Ah that will do as well just a little lip out there as well just to frustrate me even more. So the little flop shots there we've got the ball well forward in the stance. We've got the clubface wide open, sliding that club right underneath the ball, trying to get the ball to fly as high as possible landing, putting the brakes on quite quickly. Now depending on the type of golf course you play in the speed of the greens you need to maybe allow yourself more or less room. If you're playing on fast greens just give yourself a bit more space to get that ball to come down and stop. But if you're playing on slow windtree or wet greens you could really tighten that cane, make it really, really difficult for yourself.

But the point of this is you're practicing for real world situations on the golf course. The next time you got a golf shot that's over a bunker to a tight flag with not much room to work with. You practice your flop shot, put the brakes on technique to try and get that ball to land and stop was quickly as possible. And by practicing this shot you'll have less fear of this when you see it's on the golf course real.