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When you’re out on the golf course and playing golf, most of the putts you’re going to have will have some amount of break in it. So only a very small percentage of putts are actually going to be flat, because of the natural slopes and undulations on the greens. Double-breaking putts or putts with two breaks in are nothing to be worried about as long as you know how to handle them. And the best way to do this is to break the putt into two sections.

So, double-breaking putt just simply has a slope which will go left to right for one part of the putt and then the opposite slope right to left on the other part of the putt. So if you break the putt into those two sections you’ll be able to handle the double break. So the best way to focus on this putt is initially crouch down directly behind the ball as though you’re going to read the green and get as low to the green as possible. So crouch down look at what’s happening for the first part of the putt, what does the slope do? Does it go right or left or does it go left to right? Once you’ve decided what happens for the first part of the putt then look at the second part of the putt. Which way does it go now? And it’s going to go the opposite way. So from the hole to halfway back towards the ball focus on the position you need to get the ball in and going into that section to allow it to then curve into the hole.

So once you’ve decided where the ball needs to go into that section of the putt then you can work back from halfway to the ball and work out where you’re going to aim the ball so that it travels along and then curves round to hit that second part in the right position. If you do that you’ll start holing a lot more putts or at least getting the ball a lot more close to hole so you’ve a shorter second putt. So break the put into two sections, work out where the ball needs to enter the final section to get close to the hole. Once you know that position work out how to hit the ball from where it currently is to hit that spot on the green, you’ll start improving, your putting on double-breaking putts.