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How can you putt better under pressure? Now I think we’ve all understood those times when we feel pressure when we’re putting and it might always come in the classic situation of being on the 18th green to win a tournament you’ve got a five footer, yes clearly there’s pressure there, but you might also feel there’s pressure even as early as the first green. If you’ve got a birdie putt on the first green you think oh, there’s pressure on this because if I’m at this, I’m off to a great start.

Well if you’ve had a bit of a tough hole, you’ve been in the rough, you’ve chipped out, you’ve knocked it up close, now you’ve got this putt for a par and having been in the rough and chipping out, this is a pressurized putt to make this, it might even be in match play. You playing partner just canned one from 30 feet across the side of the green and you certainly got a six footer that’s just doubled in length, because when his putt goes in your short one looks now more difficult. There’s pressure all the time on your putting. And I think the only way to putt better under pressure is to practice better under pressure.

If you’re not building in some pressurize routines to your putting games and practice drills then there’s no wonder you come on stuck when you experience pressure on the golf course. It’s really important that when you’re practicing, you build as real life, life like situations as you going to experience when you actually get on the golf course and playing. So, really good really good practice drills, putting drills that would build pressure are things like I say they build over the course so maybe five or ten minutes that culminate and you holding a few putts to create a score that maybe has an element of success or failure in it.

So you might stand there from five feet away and say well I’m going to hit ten in a row in. And if I don’t get ten I’ve got to go back down to one or start again. So you have this five footers in each one, two three four five, and as you start to get a few more the pressure increases. And also when you get to number nine, trying to hole number ten, there’s a lot of pressure and hopefully, you hole that tenth putt, you’ve succeeded under pressure.

Now when you go out on the golf course and play, you got a pressurize situation, doesn’t feel too much pressure, because I created the similar pressure out on the putting green and I achieve my target, so much more confidence about holding that five footer on the golf course, because I’ve just practiced it beforehand. So to putt better under pressure, practice better under pressure, use games and drills that build up on that pressurized situation to culminate in a success or failure coming down to one putt. And if you can practice holding those on the practice green, you’ll be great out on the golf course under pressure.