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Do professional golfers prefer a putt to break a certain way? Now this is only anecdotal evidence and I don’t think anyone has actually carried out a study. But I reckon if you lined up 100 PGA Tour pros and you said to them, right “you’ve got a 10-foot putt to win the open championship, how would you like that putt to break?” Some people would say straight I'm sure that very easy, aim it straight, knock it in, but if it had to break one particular way, I reckon about 75% to 80% of those professional golfers would say they want it to break of the right edge and be uphill. So right to left putt for a right-handed golfer and uphill. And probably similarly left to right and uphill for a left-handed golfer. So as a right-handed golfer, why does it make a difference? Why do we want to hit the ball that way? Well the uphill mate just means we can be more positive, we don’t have to worry too much about sped. We can aim it outside the right and just give it a nice firm hit. And the speed going up the hill it won't run on too far, it won't go too far past the hole, so we can be nice and positive.

And the right to left nature of putt, it actually just suits the eye a little bit better I often feel. Because the putter we need to hit out this way and the stroke is on the more so the natural arc. Now it's often described that you know every putt we have a hit is a straight putt, it always is. We just pick a spot that’s not in line with the hole but we actually hit the putt straight in line as if it was of this side, we pick a spot and we just hit the putt straight. So it shouldn’t be that we’re actually trying to draw the ball or fey into the hole. And it doesn’t really matter where we’re aiming with our body we’re still aiming for a flat spot.

But most golfers, most right handed golfers good players do prefer to see the ball breaking from right to left, I just think it suits our eye better that it comes from out this way and curves in and like I say it's easier to swing the club inside and push out that it is to take the club outside and across the line. It's a fairly difficult thing to explain but I'm sure as you develop as a golfer and as you start playing more golf, you will start to have a bit of a favorite type of putt. Maybe some putt you hold more regularly, maybe just a putt that you hold less or a putt that you miss less often. But for most golfers they have a preference in that putt and for most good players it's right to left and it's uphill. So if you ever get a putt to win the open let's hope it's right to left and uphill and you’ll get it for sure.