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This question is a great question about how to hit a flop shot, how can you hit the best flop shot? The first we need to answer really here is do you need to hit a flop shot. Because I see a lot of golfers playing flop shots when there’s really not that required. If there’s nothing in front of them just flew – smooth, flat surface onto the putting green to a flag that’s in the back of the green, there’s absolutely no need to hit a flop shot. And a flop shot is inherently quite a risky shot. So, if you desperately need to hit a flop shot, big banker in the front, little bit of green, another big banker at the back, now we need play a flop shot. This is the best way for you to go ahead and play it. Until your address position to the ball, but make sure the clubface is either square or actually slightly open. Slightly opening the loft on the golf club creates more angle creates more loft; it helps the ball go a little a bit higher.

So, I’ve taken my lob wedge for this shot stands to reason. I’m here in a lob shot of flop shot taking my most lofted club and then open it slightly. So, I would aim this clubface sort of a 1:00 angle, if that’s 12:00, that’s 1:00 from where I’m standing, bring that club down and the face is now nice and open. I take my grip with it open. Importantly I wasn’t gripping it when I was twisting it, because I just twist it back again. So, I set the club nice and open and then I put my hands on it in that open face position. I now need to move around to make that club aim straight because if I hit that ball, it’s going to go high, but it’s going to go to the right. So, I move my body around until that club now aims straight again. So, my body and my feet are aiming down the left hand side, but the club is aiming straight. The club has more influence over the direction of the shot than the body, so if I make a nice, smooth swing here, this ball will go largely where the face is aiming which is up and which is straight forward.

I play the ball a little bit nearer to my front foot, so I wouldn’t have it exactly in the middle of my stance, I’ll have it slightly nearer to my front foot. That’s again edges the loft on the club, keeps the loft on the club, slides under the ball, pops it nice and high in the air. So I open the face, move around until it’s aiming straight, take a good grip. Little bit of body weight on my left side, I just don’t want to feel like I’m hitting down on this ball to get a good contact, but it can be quite wristy here. I can set the wrists, upon the way back, I can use the wrist on the way down to really feel that I slice underneath the golf ball. Almost feel like you trying to chop the golf ball’s legs off. So it’s open face, open feet, slide the club underneath the ball and the ball pops up really high, when it comes down it lands really softly. It doesn’t land on the green and shoot off the other side. It pops the brakes on. It’s got plenty of backspin. Also the trajectory of the ball makes it scope – makes it stop and makes it spin.

So, it’s open face, open feet, more and more towards that front leg and then make a nice solid, down strike to chop the ball up in the air and get it to land softly when it spins.