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There are lots of different things that you can do within the golf setup to help you achieve that draw shape. Some of them are almost little cheats that I would like to invite you to have a little bit of go at the same time but there were general rules that you can use to help achieve a little bit more of an inside swing path. First of all, as you’re getting set up ensuring that you have a nice spine tilt to the right-hand side making sure you’re not leaning over to the left side.

It’s absolutely imperative to ensure that the angle of attack is moving upwards throughout the ball as an angle of attack moves more up, it is more likely to also move for more of an inside position which you need to hit that draw. As that spine angle is tilted away, you’ll position your sternum slightly behind the ball, you will get your head a little bit more behind the ball and also like to see that inside path a little bit better.

If you also want to hit the face naturally or you just want to hit quite straight ball, you can alter your set up and you can alter your address position to a lie to hit a draw a little bit more easily. Now, we already know that you need an inside path. So to get more of an inside path, where is normally you’d settle quite parallel to your target line, you can adapt yourself so you’re aiming a little bit more off to the right.

Now, if you weigh more off to the right, your path will tend to go more off to the right-hand side, it's as simple as that. So making sure that your club face is then close to that path will produce the draw. Another way of adapting your setup to get more of an inside path is by tilting the shoulders but also bringing the left shoulder much more around. Now, as that left shoulder comes a lot more around, it will bring the swing path a lot more from the inside and probably produce a much more inside swing path on the way through.

If you double those two things up, it’s very rare that you can’t get a person drawing the ball. So, getting set up, angling that body slightly more off to the right-hand side, bringing those shoulders around that little bit more, which would use a very, very much of an inside swing path. And if that club face then remains close to that path, you will get that right to left both line.