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Video Transcript

Now after the fat shot where you hit the ground before the golf ball can be caused by having too much body weight on your rear leg during the swing on particular the impact phase. So if I set up the golf ball in here my body weight should be 50/50. As I make my back swing, my body weight will move to my rear leg but if I don't get my body weight off my rear leg fast enough and hit the ground. I'm going to hit the ground behind the ball with my back heel on the floor. And that can be a little bit of a fault.

So here’s a great drill to get that moving a little bit better, get your body weight more forwards and get to dip it more forwards. When you set up to the golf ball, I’d like to pop you rear heel into the air by a couple of inches so that’s the set up and just lift the rear heel up. Then during the back swing keep the hill into the air. You feel like your press on your tip toe but maybe not getting too far back over to your rear leg. It will be a little bit more 50/50 with your body weight. So we pop the heel into the air. Keep the body weight a little bit more 50/50 and then push off with the rear leg to get forwards ensuring that the rear heel stays up the whole time during the swing and lift even more through impact. Anything where that rear heel gets heavy and on the floor is going to cause your body weight to come back and you just strike the ground heavy.
So this time as I set up, normal set up position and then pop the heel, into the air. Stay a little bit in front of the ball and make sure I get forwards and as I drive off my rear heel and get forwards. My debit becomes a little bit more after the golf ball towards from me as a right handed golfer for two of my left side, I take the debit after the ball because my right heel was lifting up and that’s a cleaner contact. You can start off doing that with a pitch and wedge and maybe warm up with this exercise 10 or 15 golf shots, heel up, strike forwards then put your heel back down but still feel how it can lift during impact phase and actually encourage you to eradicate that fat shot again.