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One area that a lot of amateurs probably don’t concern enough about is how their hips can affect their golf swing. It’s one of the areas where also we see the professionals in the PGA Tour players have a very dynamic and very different hip position.

Now the hip position and the address position is going to be fairly consistent and stable to what the feet are looking like. So the feet, the knees, the hips and the chest should all be pretty square and pretty stacked up. If you feel like you have got a twist in your hips rather than staying down in this address position just standup and stand yourself nice and tall give it a little wiggle, stake your knees your hips and your shoulders all nice and square over your feet. Then tilt forward to your golf ball and then you should be nicely stacked without any twist or variation, but then during your swing you will wind your hips a little bit on the back swing but it’s actually the release of the is left hip around towards the golf ball for the right handed golfer that left hit turns very quickly that enables you to generate a lot of power and lots of lag in your downswing creating a massive distance in the PGA Tour players hitting the golf ball with.

Now pro-players in the impact position would actually find that hips are around about 40 degrees open to the target line. Most club golfers amateur golfers maybe only 10 to 15 degrees open at the same point. So it shows that you can really start to fire your hips a little bit quicker to try and generate more club head speed by opening up faster so from the top of the swing let drive the bottom half nice and aggressively through to impact opening the hips of hitting through the golf ball and then releasing to the big full finish. So lot of amateur golfers to get the hips to this position at the end but it might be that they hit a bit flat footed and then they follow through right till the end. If I hit one here all I want to do is watch my belt buckle and see how fast that moves across the target line and releases ground towards the flag.

So I have setup with my driver here a nice swing spinning my hips through towards the golf ball.