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So we have talked a little bit now about swing plane and we have talked about how different golf clubs can infer that would swing with the different swing plane, also the different height of the golfer can change the swing plane that the golfer might like to use. We are also going to consider that the way that golfer addresses the ball can change the swing plane.

So for example if I am a golfer, okay I am relatively tall but if I stood a long, long way back from the ball and really bent over and dropped my hands quite low, my swing plane was round, my hand position was down here. You would expect my swing plane to be more round, and probably to be hitting a draw shot from that low swing plane and that would be okay if that’s how I chose to swing the club, likewise if I was tall, near to the ball and quite tall, I would expect my swing plane to be more up and down.

The problem comes when we don’t match the swing plane to the setup position or to the golfer. So if I have this very low hand position, standing too far back from the ball, but then swing steeply, that would start to really jar and that would start to really cause some problems because physically that’s not how that club should be swung, likewise this guy that stands really close to the ball shouldn’t be swinging around his body, his golf swing is going to get far too flattened out to position.

And I think if you take the idea to its ultimate conclusion, you end up with a golfer like Moe Norman. Now if you have it just YouTube, Moe Norman’s golf swing, you are in for a bit of surprise, you have never seen it before. But actually his record as a player was phenomenal; one of the best ball strikers ever seen, but not necessarily a golf swing that’s translatable to a lot of other golfers. But he is kind of coining the phrase you know, the one playing swing or the simple plane swing which was this position, of having this dead straight left arm to shaft position and there as you swing plane and the club would go all the way around on that swing plane and not change it certainly wouldn’t go steep or flat and you wouldn’t have an angle change between handle and shaft to setup. So the forearm, the shaft rolling online, straight round here and straight back round here, very limited wrist hinge, but an incredibly accurate golfer, not necessarily something we could translate into most people’s golf swings but just work on the principle that if you have got a low handle on the setup, it should be a flatter swing plane back and if have you got a very high handle of setup, it’s going to be a lot taller in the backswing. And just make sure you will setup and your body type match your swing plane type as well.