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Alignment of the golf clubface as we now know is very, very important and yet how many times during the round do you think you successfully lined up the clubface at address. It is one of those crazy things about golf that many people just get set up to the ball, and they are just hitting without really any notion of where the clubface is aiming. If you think about it, golf is a target orientated sport and if you are not taking care to aim the clubface, you are not giving yourself the best chance of finding that target. Try and relate that to any other sport where there is a target involved. If you went to an archer and asked them where they were aiming, they would tell you exactly where they are aiming at the bull’s eye. If you told them just to aim somewhere in the vicinity of the boss, they think you are mad, but that is what many golfers do, they simply aim the clubface in and around where they think the target is. So getting the clubface correctly lined to address is more much important than many people think. And it’s quite simple to do.

When you are practicing or when you are on a driving range or when you are on a par 3 for example with an iron, it’s something which is very simple to do. All you need to do is get your target lie, trace it back from the target down to the tee, and then just pick something before the ball which sits in line with that target. So you now know what your eventual target line will be, and that is the first thing to understand, and so again something not a lot of people do.

On every golf ball now, there is a logo or there is some kind of marking which will allow you to aim the ball correctly. Now this ball particular has two lines on the side, so what I am going to do is I am going to align those two lines on the ball to this spot which is on my target line. My ball is now aligned to my target line. And then all I need to do is as I move into the shot, just to get my clubface nice and squared and right angles to the line on the ball. That clubface is now aligned to the ball which is aligned to this point in front of the ball which is aligned to the eventual target. Very simply I have managed to get my clubface lined up. And you can do this on a level, if it’s on the fairway, you can’t move the ball obviously, but you can pick that point in front of the ball, you can get the clubface aligned to that spot as well.

When you are on the practice range, there is no excuse. So get any of that, get in that line, nicely sorted, clubface nicer at right angles, swing away, and if everything is lined up and the swing is good, then that ball is going to be traveling quite straight down towards the target.