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Video Transcript

So now we want to settle on the correct golf ball position for the irons. Now one thing we’ve got to consider here is it’s quite a large set of irons, maybe nine, 10, 11 different irons, we’ve got to make sure that ball position is in the right place for each individual club to make sure we get the better contact on the shot. Now we consider that with the wedges, we got loads of loft, we can be nice and steep, hit down take a big divot, spin the ball up in to the sky, so for those shots, unless we’re trying to hit gently – slightly different sort of low shots or high shots, the general generic normal shot we’re going to play from the center of the stance with the wedge. So we play the ball directly in the middle of the feet with the pitching wedge, that’s going to encourage a forwards body movement and a nice hit down. We’re going to take quite a deep divot maybe an inch deep, half an inch deep, maybe if its on harder ground, and around about the size of a small bill, so a five pound note or a dollar bill, something like that after the golf ball, take the divot, after the ball. Now as we move up through the clubs, and we go through to the longer irons, the divot needs to get shallower, the side of the divot needs to get a little bit smaller, and we achieve that by actually shifting the ball position slightly further forwards.

So here we are with the wedge hitting down from the ball on the center, now we shuffle across to around about a three or four iron ball position here or even a hybrid club. It’s much more of a sweeping action. Effectively my body weight is shifted slightly more behind the ball than where it was with the wedge. So now as the bottom of the arc of the swing comes down, I’m not necessarily trying to hit the ground behind the ball, that’s fat shots, that’s really not going to work. We still want to hit the ground at and after the golf ball, but we’re not just hitting down anywhere near as much, it’s not such a steep impact position. So the ball is more over to this left hand side and we’re sweeping through the golf ball as we move up to the longer irons. Generally fine, it’s around about half an inch movement per club so we take a pitching wedge in the center of the feet and then move across, nine, eight, seven, six, five, across towards the front instep for the longer clubs and eventually the driver. So if you can accurately move your ball position, you should be able to accurately strike the ball better and get more consistent ball flights using that little tip there.