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Now as you would suspect aiming the golf shot is important. But it's only important if you hit the ball quite straight. For a lot of golfers, they might take real importance about aiming nicely, but then they make pretty horrible looking golf swing so it's really causing the ball to disappear offline. And some people would blame their swing faults for that. But if we reverse that argument other people have bad aligned which actually makes the swing fault worse. Of course it's the swing fault in the first place.

We've seen awful lot of golfers that will report a hitting bad shot. And actually when we trace it back their alignment maybe causing the concern in the first instance. So let's look at some bad shots you might have. We've got a pull shot and a push shot. So a pull shot is for the right handed golfer, a shot that travels in a relatively straight line, but is straight to the left of target. And a push shot is straight to the right of target. Now for some golfers they're actually hitting the ball straight. They're just aiming incorrectly. So I could be aiming down the left side. I hit it straight down the left side and it finishes 20 yards offline, but actually that's where I was aiming, or likewise I'm too far to the right hit a great looking swing, a great looking golf shot, finishes 20 yards to the right side.

And some golfers don’t actually acknowledge the importance of the alignment in terms of that swing. Then there are the golfers who maybe have alignment issues, but don’t know it, and therefore, subconsciously try to correct it. So we'd often say a golfer who would aim to the right hand side of their intended target, but not know it. The target then appears to be more down the left hand side. So either they quickly turn their hands over to try and shut the face that could cause the ball to draw back the target on a bad shot, cause the ball to hook, or they could actually be swinging to the left of the target as well trying to desperately compensate for this poor alignment that's going to be causing pull and also slice shot. These things generally don’t work in isolation because the pull and the slice and the block and the draw are all going to be caused by relationship difference between the path and the face.

So the alignment can cause any different myriad of different golf swings. Likewise a golfer that aims too far down the left hand side they might be swinging out to the right to try and hit the ball onto the target. They might be swinging left and opening the golf club face and causing the ball to cut. So your alignment can cause every different combination of good and bad shots. So let's really work hard on understanding how good quality alignment can help you improve and how bad alignment good be the cause of a lot of your golf swing faults.