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Video Transcript

So one of the things that we want to consider now is to make sure that you have got the correct tempo for your type of play, so analyzing your own tempo is quite an important thing to consider. I am going to hit a couple of shots just now and just show you how a tempo could change in a golf swing. So hopefully the positions I hit in my swing are going to be the same, this first swing is going to be quite fast tempo so we see the golfer setup to the ball little shrug off the shoulders and away and I hit that ball with quite a quick tempo. The next shot I setup to, everything slows down a little bit, the feet placement is slower, the grip is a bit slower, the waggle is slower, the tempo of the swing is slower. But I still hit both shots quite nicely and I still got to similar positions in my swing, one was a fast tempo, one was a slow tempo.

The problem being is if I change my tempo during the round of golf, I might struggle with certain things particularly controlling my ball flight, I might have a ball flight that’s inconsistent in terms of how high it goes, left or right it goes, but also the sort of quality of the ball striking might change. And the distance the golf ball might go, might change. So if one time I hit a seven and it goes 150 the next time I hit a seven on, and it only goes 130 and then one after that goes 170 that’s going to be very difficult to play with because my tempo is spiking up and down, fast and slow depending on maybe where I am on the golf course or the pressure that I feel. So my tempo, I have got to analyze my tempo, I got to keep my tempo nice and consistent, the same all the time. And I want to practice the correct tempo when I am on the driving range, exactly the same as actually when I am out on the golf course so don’t use one tempo here on the range, and then rush out on to the golf course and change your tempo completely.

The other sort of bad mishit and fault that you might feel with poor tempo is topping the golf ball. And generally this is considered because as you are coming down to the golf ball, you speed up, you rush and you yank your arms in towards your body, so as you come down to the ball, you give it a big pull-in with your forearms, so you want to be smooth and slow and deliver the club on line, we don’t want to get to the pull and yank the hands and arms and then pull in, that would be a killer sign that you have got a bad tempo if you are consistently topping the golf ball. So keep working on your tempo, analyze what your own tempo is and see if you can improve it to keep it more consistent.