Best Golf Fix for Flawless Swing Release forearms

    One trademark move that sets apart most of the world's best players is how they release the golf club after the impact position.

    Many club golfers feel like the golf swing stops at the impact position and that what happens after this position is unimportant. However, the correct release of the golf club after the impact position is one of the key areas where power and accuracy can be gained.

    In order to correctly release the golf club at speed, try to feel that your forearms touch each other as the club comes to waist height in your follow through.

    Here is a fantastic drill to get this feeling to become natural:

    Gently swing the golf club backwards and forwards to waist height. As your hands and arms pass through the impact area, you should feel how your wrists and forearms rotate.

    Best Golf Fix for Flawless Swing Release forearms

    If you struggle to initially feel the correct motion, try the exercise again, this time with your feet together. This should encourage your body to be slower and your forearm rotation to be quicker.

    Once this motion becomes more comfortable and natural, start swinging faster until you return to your full golf swing speed. As your hands and arms hit through the golf ball, extend your forearms towards the target and allow them to touch and release.

    You should notice straighter, longer and more consistent golf shots. Remember this is often a movement that you don't see the professionals doing unless you watch their golf swings in slow motion but 99% of the players on the PGA tour all do this move.