Stand Closer to the Ball for Higher Drives 1

There are plenty of times when you want to launch a drive at maximum height to get the most possible carry distance.

For example, when hitting downwind, attempting to carry a hazard or reach the top of a hill, or when soft conditions reduce roll in the fairway. 

The first steps to a soaring flight are to tee the ball up slightly higher and to play it off your left (lead) heel, which will help you catch it on the upswing and maximize the club’s loft. Another simple step is to stand a little closer to the ball. This will put the club in a more vertical or upright position at address and during your swing, producing a path that boosts your loft. 

This is also a good way to curb or cure a hook, and to set up for a left-to-right fade. Experiment on the practice range by varying your distance from the ball at address, as well as tee height and the ball’s position in your stance.

With patience, you’ll find a combination that delivers optimum ball flight, power and accuracy.