Weaken Grip to Master Soft Lob Shot 1

Phil Mickelson makes the flop shot look awfully easy, and guess what? It is.

Okay, so attaining Mickelson-level proficiency with the high lob takes world-class talent along with perfect technique. But regardless of your physical gifts, there’s a very simple method for hitting this useful – and visually impressive – golf shot.

All you do is adopt a weaker grip on the club. In other words, rotate your hands to the left (for a right-hander) on the handle. This may cause an odd feeling of the hands being restricted on the takeaway.

In fact, the clubface may actually become slightly closed relative to the target line on the backswing. However, the clubface will open on the downswing, producing a high-arching shot which lands softly as a feather.

Weaken Grip to Master Soft Lob Shot 2

Practice this technique to get a feel for how much to weaken the grip to create the height you’re looking for. Also work on shots of varying lengths, including very short lobs of no more than five yards. See how hard you can swing to produce an extremely high shot that travels just a short distance.

Work on this simple solution and you’ll be launching flop shots like “Lefty” in no time.