Establishing good posture at address is a critical element of a sound swing, but it’s just a starting point. Posture must be maintained throughout the swing to produce maximum benefit. 

Many golfers set up in a balanced, athletic position with proper spine angle. Some even maintain this posture in the backswing and downswing. But too often, golfers undo this positive work by rising up too early. Poor contact ensues. 

The next time you watch a professional tournament on TV, pay close attention to slow-motion replays from behind golfers (looking toward the fairway or green). Note the position of the pro’s head as he swings to the finish. It’s tilted slightly downward, his face turned toward the target, as if his head is resting on a pillow. 

Imagine your own head on a pillow as you swing past impact. This requires keeping the head and shoulders level – in other words, holding your posture. The head will naturally rotate toward the target as the right shoulder comes through.