Hit Down to Stop Scooping Chip Shots 1

When chipping, do you often pop the ball up and watch it finish well short of the hole?

Do you ever hit it chips fat or thin, or even top the ball?

If so, you’re trying to help the ball into the air with a scooping action using the wrists – the opposite of sound chipping technique. Like iron shots, the clubhead should be traveling slightly downward at impact. The club’s loft will provide all the lift you need.

Here’s how to cure your chipping woes: 

  1. Standing with the feet close together (6-12 inches) and the ball midway between them, set the clubhead behind the ball, square to the hole or target line.

  2. Hit Down to Stop Scooping Chip Shots 3

  3. Move the hands (and the club's handle) slightly toward your left pocket. A good checkpoint is to have the back of the right hand even with your zipper.

  4. Make a short backswing, with little or no hinging of the wrists, so that the triangle formed by the arms and hands remains solid. Be careful not to tense up.

  5. Hold this position as you swing through; at impact, your hands and arms should mirror the address position.

 With practice, this method will feel natural – and your chips will fly and roll consistently toward the hole.