For all the focus on the golf swing itself, most flaws can be traced back to the setup.

A poor grip, improper weight distribution, too much or too little bend from the hips… Dozens of things can go wrong at address. One basic element golfers often get wrong is ball position.
There’s no single spot to place the ball for every shot. It varies based on the club, length of swing, and desired trajectory, among other factors. Therefore, consistency is key.

Some golfers tend to play the ball either too far forward in the stance (toward the left foot, for right-handers) or too far back. Most instructors recommend playing the driver opposite the left heel, then moving the ball slightly to the right for each club shorter. Generally, this ends with the wedges played in the middle of the stance.

Here’s a simple method for checking your golf ball position on the range.

• Place one club on the ground parallel to your toe line.

• Place a second club across and perpendicular to the first, pointing at the ball.

• Use the second club to align your feet properly in relation to the golf ball.