Tips For Handling Uphill Golf Lies

Golfers learn to swing on level ground and practice from flat lies, too. But uneven lies are the norm once we reach the course, presenting a specific set of challenges. 

When the level of your feet and the ball change, so do your swing’s plane and path. Therefore, adjustments are called for. For instance, playing uphill -- with your left (or lead) foot higher than your right -- requires that you: 

  • Take one more club (i.e. 7-iron instead of 8); the ball will carry higher and slightly shorter than normal.
  • Aim slightly right of the target as the ball will tend to fly left.
  • Address the ball with your shoulder and knees level with the slope. In other words, don’t lean into the hill.
  • Maintain this tilt throughout the swing.
  • Dial back to about 80-percent effort to ensure good balance. 

As you’d expect, shots from downhill lies react in the opposite manner, flying low and right of the target.