Tips for Handling Downhill Golf Lies

Uneven golf lies are pretty simple once you know how to handle them. Perhaps the most difficult, though, is the downhill lie.

When the left side of your body (for right-handers) is lower than your right, the golf ball will tend to fly to the right of target on a low trajectory. Keeping these factors in mind, here’s how to play from a downhill stance:

1. Choose the same club you normally would based on the distance.

2. Tilt your body to match the slope, with the shoulders parallel to the ground.

3. Aim slightly left of target.

4. Swing at 80 percent of your normal pace, with a smooth tempo to ensure good balance.

5. Maintain your body’s tilt relative to the ground throughout the swing.

6. Take extra care to stay down past impact; it’s easy to lift the left side too early when playing downhill.

Since the golf ball will fly lower than usual, it’s a good idea to plan for additional roll after it lands. In fact, consider playing a run-up shot that hits short of the green if no hazards lie in your path.