The average golfer has enough trouble avoiding a slice from a perfectly flat lie. It becomes doubly difficult when the ball lies below the feet.

When you’re perched above the level of the ball on a side slope, you naturally stand closer to the ball. The swing becomes more upright or vertical, which can cause (or exacerbate) an over-the-top clubhead path. 

Take these steps to master the ball-below-your-feet stance: 

  1. Take one more club: To reach a ball below your feet, you’ll have to grip the club near the butt end, costing you control. Instead, play one more club (a 6-iron instead of a 7, for instance), use your normal grip, and make an easy swing.

  2. Bend from the knees: To reach the ball, many golfers bend over from the waist, pushing their weight too far onto the toes. Flex your knees a little extra and maintain balance in the middle of the feet.

  3. Aim left: The bigger the slope, the harder it is to avoid hitting the ball to the right. Rather than fight it, simply aim left of target and play for a push-fade.

  4. Keep your shoulders level throughout the swing: It’s common to rise up and off the ball on the backswing and follow-through. Focus on swinging with the shoulders parallel to the ground from start to finish for solid contact.