Hold Clubface Open to Escape Sand 1

If you tend to leave lots of shots in greenside bunkers, you might be suffering from an overactive release.

While releasing the club -- rolling over the hands and forearms just before and after impact -- is an essential element of solid wood and iron play, it’s not recommended for many bunker shots. Releasing the hands in the usual manner can cause the club’s leading edge to knife too far into the sand, causing the ball to fall short of its target.

To prevent over-rotating through impact, make several practice swings without flipping the wrists. Keep the back of your left hand – and by extension, the clubface -- pointing toward the sky on the follow-through. Use the same action when it’s time to play the shot.

This method works well on short bunker shots (35 feet or less), but for longer shots the hands should be allowed to release naturally. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble hitting the ball far enough.