How Do You Aim Your Golf Club?

    Even if your clubs are equipped with a built-in alignment guide, like products made by Thomas Golf, you still must be able to aim correctly. After all, the club won’t do it for you.

    An alignment aid will, however, make this crucial task much easier. Here’s an incredibly simple method for lining up your golf club precisely at the target:

  • First, choose the spot where you want the ball to finish, i.e., the flagstick, the left part of the green, or the right half of the fairway.

  • Stand behind your ball, which should be directly between you and the target.

  • Find a mark, such as a broken tee or divot, on an exact, imaginary line traced from ball to target. The mark should be no more than a couple of feet in front of your ball. Keeping your eye on the mark, step into your address position.

  • Point the clubface – and the alignment indicator, if your club has one – straight at the mark.

  • Your club is now aimed at the target.
  • Remember to use this basic method for every shot not only on the golf course, but on the driving range. It’s just as important to line up correctly while practicing as it is while playing.