Why Shot Alignment Is So Important 1

A marksman would not shoot a rifle at a target without first aiming his rifle.

To gain maximum accuracy, he utilizes the rifle’s designed aiming technology. This principle directly applies to golf... After all, golf is a target game. 

Time and time again, top professional instructors emphasize that misalignment of the golf shot is one of the most common errors, and golfers of all skill levels could lower their scores if they simply did a better job of aiming. 

Every golf enthusiast understands the necessity of aiming the golf club for accuracy, and independent research confirms better club alignment improves accuracy and lowers scores. While this concept has been widely applied to putters – most of which feature built-in alignment aids -- shot alignment of irons and woods has been largely left up to the golfer. 

Why Shot Alignment Is So Important 2For a golf ball to travel on the intended path, the club must be aimed properly. If alignment of the club is not correct, the golfer's hands, arms, head, shoulders, hips, knees, and feet will attempt to compensate for the misalignment. This always leads to inconsistency. 

It’s important for the golfer to start with the club properly aligned with the target, then align the body to the clubhead. This is the only way to consistently swing on plane and hit accurate shots. 

Here's an easy procedure you should follow for every shot... 

  1. Stand behind the ball and visualize a line between the ball and your selected target.

  2. Why Shot Alignment Is So Important 3
    Why Shot Alignment Is So Important 4Pinpoint a leaf or mark a few feet in front of the ball and on the target line.

  3. Address the ball and aim the clubhead at the selected mark.

  4. The club is now aimed directly at the target. For a straight shot, align your body parallel to the target line and direction of the club head. Alignment of the body left of the line will create a fade or slice; lining up right will cause a draw or hook. 

Now that your club and body are aligned properly, finish your normal routine and experience the advantages of increased consistency and accuracy.

Golf Shot Alignment Video