The yips are not exclusive to golf. In fact, they aren't exclusive to sports. Whenever a person is unable to start or complete a movement he has practiced many times before, it could be described as a yip. Those who have been afflicted with the yipsdescribe the feeling as a spasm, cramp or having the sensation of being frozen when there should be motion. In golf the movement of the club becomes jerky and tight making the player feel like he/she has no control over the distance of the shot.

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The yips are many times associated with putting although they can happen during any stroke or swing. Players that have the yips struggle with both distance control and club face control. Having high expectations is a common problem with those who battle putting yips and they seem to afflict high-level golfers more than the average golfer. Short putts are supposed to be the easiest shot in golf for a good player and developing problems with those shots is where the evolution of the yips begins.

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