How Best To Stop Putting Yips, Women's Golf Putter Tip

Putting is the most important area of your golf game that you can improve. Holing putts influences your score much more directly than any other area.

It is no good being able to hit a 200 yard drive straight down the middle of the fairway if you cannot hole a three foot putt to complete the hole. If you struggle with the yips though, this short putt can be extremely difficult to complete and as a result your score increases.

If you struggle with the yips when you putt then you will experience a very jerky, stabbing, quick putting motion. Your muscles will become very tense and tight before you move the putter and then because of this stiffness when you do move the putter it will be in a manner that lacks smoothness and rhythm. The quick, stabby, jerking motion that results will produce a putt that is hit far too hard and it makes it very difficult to control the putter for either speed or direction.

To improve your putting action if you struggle with the yips, work on changing your grip from one where your palms face each other to a more unconventional method, such as the claw grip. Using the claw grip will reduce the influence and dominance of your right hand, if you are a right handed golfer and it will promote you to swing the putter much more with just your left arm, allowing you to create much more of a pendulum action with the putter, which will give you a smoother, more rhythmical swing and as a result you will be able to putt much better, especially from short range.

In order to create a claw grip, place your left hand on the handle so that your thumb is positioned on the front of the grip and pointing downward. Close your fingers around the back of the grip. Now position your right hand so that it is lower than your left and palm inwards to you on the right hand side of the putter grip. Place your right index finger and middle finger on the front of the putter grip and your thumb at the back of the grip. Finally, rest your ring and little finger vertically down the right hand side of the grip. Your index finger and middle finger will be positioned around the same area that your right thumb would be placed if you were using a more traditional grip.

Holding in this way will allow you to swing the putter from your left shoulder so that you can create a smooth, rhythmical tempo that allows you to deliver a much improved putting stroke.

To further help you alter your putting stroke to one of tempo and rhythm, work on the following putting drill. Hold with your left hand only and work on swinging the putter with just this hand. Hit putts across the green initially at no target working on tempo and smoothness. Do this for several minutes. Then begin to hit smaller putts again working on tempo and smoothness. Once you have a smooth stroke, then move to the hole but only do this when you feel ready and comfortable. Keep working on smoothness of the swing and begin holing the ball from a short distance.

With practice and over time, this will improve your stroke and you will putt much better from a short distance, which will result in you taking fewer shots on the green and you will see your scores improve.