Most amateur golfers get the downswing transition completely wrong. That might sound harsh, but it is true. The majority of golfers transition into their downswing by moving their hands and arms down toward the ball. That is the move that leads to a slice, weak contact, and overall poor performance. If you wish to be a solid ball striker who can consistently hit long and straight shots, you will need to learn to engage your lower body at the start of the transition. It is your legs that should be leading the way, not your arms and hands. When you can master this simple but tricky concept, better golf will be just around the corner.

Transition Lesson Chart

Because it is so tempting to rush your swing when you get on the course, it is important that you spend enough time on the driving range to ingrain good habits before playing your next round. If you only work on your transition for one or two practice sessions before heading to the course, there is a good chance you will simply slip right back into your old habits. To give your improved downswing transition the best possible chance at success, you should take at least a few trips to the driving prior to testing it out on the course. Once your new transition is successfully in place, you should find yourself hitting longer and straighter shots more frequently than ever before.

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