part 3 tee peg 1

The previous drill explained how to use a tee to get your backswing on plane. Now let’s tackle the downswing.

Again, insert a tee into the end of a club’s grip and place a second club behind your ball, directly along the target line.

Just like on the backswing, the tee should point at the club/target line on the downswing.

part 3 tee peg 2

Many golfers reach the top in good position, then cast the club with the hands and end up swinging “over the top.” The key is to pull the arms and hands down rather than flicking the wrists.

Make some easy practice swings, keeping the tee pointed at the ground club going up and coming down – as though the tee it were on a track or tracing the target line. Remember, if the tee points above the club, your swing is too flat (horizontal).

Pointing inside the club means you’re too steep or upright, possibly because you’ve cast the club rather than pulling down from the top.