Wilson Staff DUO Urethane Top Rated GOLF BALL Review

    The Wilson Staff DUO Urethane golf ball retails for $37.99 a dozen (MSRP) and it's the world's softest urethane ball, with a 55 compression rating. Long story short, by adding a urethane coating to the softest golf ball in the industry, the company achieved amazing short game performance, and excellent value for your money. The feel of the Wilson Staff DUO Urethane is the primary reason why I would recommend this baby to all better-players. After taking the Wilson Staff DUO Urethane for a test drive on the golf course, I must confess that it felt like a tennis ball off the driver, basically you can feel the ball compressing and exploding down the fairway. However, the Wilson Staff DUO Urethane is dead silent off the putter, as it feels even softer than ever in the short game, and equally soft with the wedges, with an almost sticky feel.

    Keep in mind that the Wilson Staff DUO Urethane is designed with the better players in mind, that kind of golfer who is used to play using a tour golf ball. Needless to say, the Wilson Staff DUO Urethane performs in the long game exactly as expected from a tour golf ball too, with the big difference being the feel. The idea is that hitting the Wilson Staff DUO Urethane will be way more fun than with any other tour golf ball, and that's very important in my book. In conclusion, given the price tag, the Wilson Staff DUO Urethane may seem relatively expensive, but its performance and amazing feel really validate the asking price.

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