Wilson Staff FG Tour Top Rated GOLF BALL Review

    The Wilson Staff FG Tour retails for $44,99 a dozen (MSRP) and it's built featuring a 4 piece design and an urethane coating, for setting a new standard in the industry when it comes to Tour golf balls. Actually, the Wilson Staff FG Tour is the softest tour ball available, specially designed for feel (hence the F particle), guaranteeing amazing distance off the tee, an unparalleled soft feel and best in class spin levels. The most impressive thing about the Wilson Staff FG Tour is that for each order, the company will send you a trial-2 ball sample pack. If you're not happy with the new Wilson Staff FG Tour, you can return the balls for a full refund. What does that mean, you may ask? Well, these guys are pretty sure on themselves, don't you think? And for good reason, as the new Wilson Staff FG Tour is the lowest compression tour golf-ball on the market, and it delivers an exceptionally soft feel together with supreme performance levels in every aspect of the game. And you can take that to the bank, or your money back, literally. Now, speaking about softness, the Wilson Staff FG Tour has a compression rating of ~70, and it makes for one of the softest Tour-level golf balls I ever tried.

    This feature is particularly noticeable in the long game, where the Wilson Staff FG Tour comes with a compress-and- explode feel, an unique feature I've never experienced playing with other tour balls. Also, the Wilson Staff FG Tour is still soft with the putter, but on longer putts, you'll never have to deal with that marshmallow sensation other soft balls are known for. In terms of distance control, this baby really excels, whilst the spin off the driver and the ball speed are nothing less than ideal. Another interesting feature of the Wilson Staff FG Tour is that it holds the wind incredibly well, offering a strong and predictable trajectory into the breeze. In the short game, the Wilson Staff FG Tour is equally impressive, and, bottom line, it's the ideal choice for experienced golf players looking for a soft feel tour-level golf ball.

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