Taylormade Tour Preferred Top Rated GOLF BALL Review
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    The Taylormade Tour Preferred retails for $47,99 a dozen (MSRP) and it features a four layers built, boasting an inner mantle which is sixty five percent softer compared to the previous generation. Hence, the latest gen Taylormade Tour Preferred golf ball is significantly softer, but without compromising in terms of performance, nor speed. Basically, the newly designed Taylormade Tour Preferred is everything about feel and distance, delivering amazing performance from the tee to green. Off the tee, the Taylormade Tour Preferred provides golf players with exceptional performance, offering a tad higher ball trajectory/flight,compared with the Taylormade Tour Preferred X. However, the exceptionally soft feel of the Taylormade Tour Preferred will offer you true Tour level green-side spin, and also allows a controlled flight when using wedges. The latest version of the Taylormade Tour Preferred spins more and launches higher than the Taylormade Tour Preferred X, however, it's very similar in terms of short game spin and distance.

    This golf ball features an extremely soft, cast cover,made from urethane, and specially designed low-drag dimples, translating intogreat aerodynamics, which dramatically improve performance in windy weather.Also, the Taylormade Tour Preferred is the softer of the bunch (compared to the X), providing a softer feel and additional spin on mid-long shots, together with a higher ball flight on approach shots. All this tech-talk aside, after playing a few rounds with the new Taylormade Tour Preferred, I must confess that it feels pretty good off the putter , really impacting my distance control, something that I don't usually notice. Also, the ball holds very nice in the wind, sometimes flighing lower than I would have expected, with minimal ballooning. Bottom line,if you're on the prowl for a top tier golf ball with all the bells and whistles, the Taylormade Tour Preferred is a match made in heaven for lower handicappers looking for a long and straight trajectory, and the ideal amount of spin with the wedges.

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