Taylormade Tour Preferred X Top Rated GOLF BALL Review
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    The brand new Taylormade Tour Preferred X golf ball retails for $47.99 a dozen(MSRP) and it's built featuring a five layer construction. What makes it different from the standard Taylormade Tour Preferred is the 87 compression of the Taylormade Tour Preferred X vs 80 for the regular, which makes it slightly firmer in terms of feel. What's interesting about the new Taylormade Tour Preferred X is that it was built and designed in collaboration with pro golfers,such as Sergio Garcia, Dustin Johnson, Justin Rose and Jason day, all of them big fans of the previous gen of Tour Preferred X. Thanks to their feedback, the new Tour Preferred X now features a thicker urethane cover (casted) which dramatically improves short game performance. Basically, the Taylormade Tour Preferred X was developed with Tour players in mind, looking for more control around the greens, and that's all there is to know about the X. If it's good enough for Tour pros, it's good enough for you!

    Now, what you should know when choosing between the regular and the X version: the standard Taylormade Tour Preferred golf ball offers a softer overall feel and increased spin when it comes to mid-long iron shots, together with a higher flight ball on approach shots. The Taylormade Tour Preferred X has a firmer feel, an impressively penetrating ball flight and a tad less spin when it comes to mid-long irons shots. Also, both of them feature an extremely soft urethane coating and the state of the art low-drag dimples, for improving overall performance in windy conditions. Bottom line, the Taylormade Tour Preferred X comes loaded with the best technologies available, like the REACT Core, for increased distance and more ball speed on all shots, the Spin Mantle, which is built for delivering consistent and precise spin rates throughout the bag and Low Drag Performance Aerodynamics, a specially designed dimple pattern which minimizes distance loss and provides a penetrating ball flight in windy conditions, reducing/eliminating ballooning.

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