Quality ball striking is important because it is going to allow you to hit predictable shots time after time, all throughout a given round. As long as you are doing a reasonably good job with things like judging the wind and picking your clubs, you should be placing the ball near to the target when your ball striking is on point. On the other hand, when you are struggling with ball striking, this game becomes almost impossible to play. There is no way to know where the ball is going to go, or how far it is going to fly, when your ball striking gets off track. If you have any hopes of lowering your scores and raising your level of play in the future, you absolutely must have solid ball striking on your side.

Strike Lesson Chart

With the definition of ball striking out of the way, we can now dedicate the links below to instructional material on how you can improve the quality of your iron strikes. The content below is going to cover a number of different tips – both physical and mental – that you can use to guide yourself toward a better ball striking future.

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