Why And How Senior Golfers Can Achieve Their Best Golf Shots When They Strike Down On The Golf Ball

    If you are struggling with the trajectory of your golf shots and you are hitting the ball too low, you will experience a massive improvement and begin hitting your best golf shots if you learn how to strike down at the golf ball with the club head.

    Making a downward striking action at a golf ball to hit the golf ball high can feel very counter intuitive, but only until you understand exactly how the club head of a golf club is designed to get the golf ball into the air.

    If you were going to hit a tennis ball into the air with a racket, or basically any ball with a piece of equipment, you would lower the equipment down more than the ball and then make an upward action with the equipment towards the ball, to launch it upwards into the air.

    Golfers are unable to make this upward action though because you play a game were the ball is already on the ground and you cannot lower the club head below the ball as it will strike the ground. The golf club head has been designed to force the ball forwards and upwards by presenting the club face loft, or angle, back to the lower part of the golf ball. If you make an upward movement with the club head towards the golf ball, the bottom of the face will strike the top of the golf ball and the ball will fly extremely low. If you make a downward action with the club head towards the lower part of the golf ball though, the ball is forced forward and up the face angle so you will hit a golf shot with a high trajectory.

    To achieve this downward striking action in the club head, work on the following drill. Place your driver head cover on the target line but just outside your right foot, for right handed golfers. Hover the golf club head as you address the ball, so that you can swing the club head away from the ball without knocking the head cover out of the way. As you swing the club head back down towards the ball, work on striking the ground on the left of the head cover. This will get you making a downward striking action towards the golf ball and you will begin to hit the ball with a much higher flight. Swing slowly on this drill at first, without the golf ball and then once you are striking the ground left of the head cover repeatedly, gradually build the speed in your swing until you are feeling confident at a fuller swing speed. Now you can re-introduce the golf ball and begin to hit golf shots again.