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Why Should I Stay Behind The Ball With My Driver?When striking consistent drives, hitting the ball with an upward angle of attack is imperative.

An upward angle of attack will cause the optimal conditions of club head speed, launch and spin rates to hit the ball a long way.

The angle of attack is created by combining a number of factors including club length and ball position. The driver is the longest club in the bag and will therefore have a swing arc which bottoms out just after the centre point of the stance. Unlike irons which have steep angles of attack, the driver is shallow and shouldnt produce a divot. The swing arc should rise up when it passes the left heel. This is why players want the ball towards the front of the stance, so they can strike the ball with an upward blow.

Staying behind the ball involves a full back swing and keeping the swing centre (the head or middle of chest) behind the ball at impact. Staying behind the ball will help produce the best swing arc and angle of attack. Use this technique to stay behind the ball when hitting drivers.

  • Tee the ball high; at least half the ball should be showing above the top edge of the driver when settled behind the ball
  • Take your stance and ensure the ball is positioned just inside the left heel or even slightly beyond (the long drive champions often tee the ball beyond the front foot and exceptionally high to really strike upward on the ball)
  • Bring the right foot back so the feet are beyond shoulder width apart. This will ensure a stable stance and moves the swing centre behind the ball
  • Take the club away on a low takeaway turning fully during the back swing
  • Swinging through, try to remain behind the ball, dont let your weight drift too far forward on to the front foot
  • Concentrate on swinging up on the ball clipping it off the tee and striking it on an upward arc

Staying behind the ball when hitting drivers will allow the club to unwind and fall into the best possible angle of attack and ensure the driver hits the ball with an upward arc.

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Although players want to feel they stay behind the ball at impact they should still try to turn the hips and allow the weight to transfer through the ball. Swinging from the back foot and keeping the weight loaded there will not create optimal launch conditions.

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Players who stay behind the ball when driving will be able to produce speed but its much more important than that! Staying behind the ball will help golfers combine club head speed as well as consistency of strike.

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Oddly enough staying behind the ball will help players reduce spin rates as the club is delivered on a correct club arc.