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Correct Golf Answer For more consistency of strike

Consistently striking the wedges is vital to building a solid all round game. This is why golfers should look to groove a three quarter wedge swing.

A three quarter swing reduces both the arm swing and shoulder rotation during the back swing and through swing. Because of this reduction there are fewer movements in the swing and therefore it should be more consistent. With a three quarter swing it is also easier to produce a consistent descending blow on the ball. This will give a more controlled amount of back spin with each shot. Use this technique to hit better three quarter wedge shots.

  • Place the ball in the centre of the stance with the feet just under shoulder width apart.
  • Alignment with the club face should be straight down the ball-to-target line with posture as normal.
  • Place about 60% body weight on the left foot and lean the shaft towards the target so the hands are ahead of the ball, opposite the left thigh.
  • The feet and hips can be set slightly open to the target line to encourage a better hip action but the shoulders should be parallel to the target line.
  • Swing the club away, keeping the body weight 60% on the front foot.
  • Vary the length of back swing depending on the distance of shot, however most pitching swings should never be more than three quarters in length.
  • Swing down into the ball, keeping 60% body weight on the front foot, ensuring a downward strike.
  • Swing through until the shoulders and arms swing up to three quarters in length.

Hitting a consistent three quarter wedge swing is something all the best professionals can do and so can you for more control.

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Although the three quarter swing will produce less distance than a full swing, the objective is not to hit the ball shorter but hit it with more control. Swinging back and through, three quarters should allow a more consistent result.

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Because the overall speed of the swing will be reduced when taking the club back and through three quarters, the objective is not to produce more back spin. Taking the club back three quarters in length will allow a consistent descending blow, producing consistent levels of back spin.

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A three quarter swing will go slightly lower than a full swing. However, to hit the ball lower, players should look to move the ball position further back rather than reduce the swing length.