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What Are The Square Club Face Positions During A Full Golf SwingKeeping the golf club face square during your golf swing will allow you the opportunity of hitting very accurate golf shots. The more accurate that you are, the lower your score will become, so improving your club face position as you swing the golf club around you will massively improve your golf and your handicap.

Initially, you need to begin your swing from a position where the club face is aiming at the target. To achieve this, you need to position the club face at a right angle to the target line. As you swing the club head around you, the club face is square if it is remaining at a right angle to your swing arc, so checking the following positions will allow you to learn how to do this.

When you make your takeaway, so that the golf club is parallel to the ground and target line at hip high, you want to see the club face in a position that reflects the tilt forward of your posture. The club face should be positioned so that the face is downwards towards the target line with the toe 45 degrees up from horizontal.

At the top of your back swing, the club face should be angled between being flat to the sky and vertical facing forward of your body, at around 45 degrees between these positions. From here, you want to return the club face back down to the position it was in on your takeaway and then from there, return it back to the golf ball so that it is square to the target, or aiming at the target. As you swing through, the club face should rotate slightly left of target so that at hip high on your follow through the club face is square to your swing arc, with the face aiming to the left at around a 45 degree position towards the sky.

Achieving these positions with the golf club face will make it much easier to swing the club face through impact so that it is aiming at the target and in doing this, you will hit consistently accurate golf shots close to the target.

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If the club face is swung back away from the golf ball so that it is pointing towards the ground then you are actually closing the face as you swing. This means that if you returned the club head back to the golf ball from this position, the face would be aiming left of the target. Allow the club face to rotate skywards as you rotate on your back swing.

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If the club face points towards the sky on your down swing, then it is not rotating correctly and it is actually in an open position, rather than a square one. Returning the club face to the golf ball from this position would see the club face aiming to the right of the target and the ball would therefore miss its intended destination.

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Club face position, especially just before impact, is absolutely crucial to the shot direction and accuracy that you are able to achieve. If the club face is square just before impact, you are going to hit an accurate shot. However, if the club face is open or closed prior to impact, you will have to make a compensatory movement in an attempt to square the face and this will lead to inconsistency.