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What Are The Three Best Ways To Get More From My Hybrid Golf ClubsA hybrid club is a combination of a long iron and a fairway wood which offers the player the control of an iron and the distance of a fairway wood depending on the loft angle.

The hybrid club tends to have a bigger head than the irons and this allows the manufacturer to add in more technology, and in particular, more weight. The initial uses for a hybrid were to get a player out of danger such as the rough and encourage the ball to fly high.

Every player wants to maximize their shot outcome and in turn try and do the wrong things to do so such as swinging faster, swinging more with their arms, keeping the body more stable and adjusting their feet and alignment. The three best ways to get the most out of your hybrid is to:

Maintain the correct ball position. Choose the correct club for your swing, for example, shaft flex. Create the best swing path for strike and distance.

The ideal ball position with the hybrid is to place it just forward of centre under the left chest but not as far forward as the driver. This will encourage a descending blow into the back of the ball but not so much that a big divot will be created. The divot should be small so that the swing arc is in between the steepness of an iron and the shallow angle of a fairway wood.

Choosing the correct club is vital for every player, even those just embarking on their golfing journey. The shafts are one of the most important aspects of any golf club because they provide the necessary flex to hit the ball the maximum distance. The shaft also helps keep the club face straight through impact. For example, if a player with a 100 miles per hour swing speed uses a regular flex, the shaft would not be able to keep up with the swing therefore leaving the club open at impact.

Swing path is also an important element because this helps determine the ball striking and shot shape. Draw shapes tend to have a lower, more penetrating trajectory and roll once the ball lands. To achieve this, the player needs to approach the ball from an in to out swing path with the club face closed to the path.

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The most expensive hybrid will not necessarily deliver the best results for every player. The configuration of the club needs to be perfect for the players swing path and swing speed to utilize the club correctly. Sometimes the cheapest can be the best!

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The ball should be hit with a descending blow but not too steep otherwise the divots will be too big and the dynamic loft will be too low. Make sure the ball position is correct with the weight evenly distributed at set up and aim to hit the ball then take a small divot afterwards.

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Draw shapes will always tend to hit the ball further than fade shapes, and big draws will create more roll once the ball lands, however, this is not always good as the club also needs a degree of control once it lands on a green.